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Artisan Tees

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Andy Natusch, owner and creator of the fashion forward and eco-conscious clothing company Artisan Tees, is truly a creative soul. Mr. Natusch began early in life as a musician and music has continued to be a passion in his life (insert shameless plug for music website- In his mid-twenties, Andy became a successful self taught painter and to this day he has sold over 250 paintings. When the economy took a turn for the worse and the general public did not have enough disposable income to purchase paintings, Mr. Natusch began exploring new ways to express himself creatively and make art that is more affordable for the average consumer. Finally it came to him after washing a t-shirt that shrunk so bad it became a half shirt that he would create wearable art of high quality in the most environmentally friendly ways that anyone could afford to buy. Mr. Natusch then bought his first silk screen printing press, taught himself how to use it, and began using his artistic sensibilities to design t-shirts. Before he knew it, he had found a store front/studio space in Charleston, SC, and became a regular on the farmers market circuit. Artisan Tees now has expanded to not only include t-shirts, but also dresses, tank tops, children's clothing, bags, leggings, skirts, and bathing suits. Andy has sold thousands of shirts via the internet, and currently has his clothing line in stores throughout the country, and will continue spreading Artisan Tees and his concept of wearable art to more stores. 

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